Aruba ariba!!

The journey has begun. October 8, 2011, I boarded AC1294 and headed to Aruba. A carribean island that sits on the northern coast of Venesuela.

The flight was about 5 hours from Toronto and normally I have nothing bad to say about Air Canada but wow, this flight sucked! The flight itself was fine but our TVs didn’t work. As everyone else’s around us started to work, ours didn’t and when the flight attendant said they would tell us our options after they still weren’t working; all we got was a ripped up Globe & Mail.

We finally arrived safely, even though the turbulence was some of the worst I’ve ever experienced! And the sun was still out. We taxied to the Westin Hotel & Resort and then, darkness. The power had gone out. We thought maybe we were in for a rough week here, but it turns out some construction hit a power line and the power was out on the whole block! It came back a few hours later and we haven’t had issues since 🙂 Free wifi is working like a charm now but can only be used on one device at a time (which no one mentions!!)

Westin Aruba Room

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